Battle of the Luchas, pt IV

battle of the luchasIt’s done! It’s loud, violent, and slightly cartoon-ish, but it is done! Two masked men grappling in all their glory! This painting is way over the top, but so is lucha libre!

Battle of the Luchas Vector Drawing

lucha-vectorThis drawing was based on an old photograph of Superstar Billy Graham wrestling Bo Bo Brazil.  This was one of the few vector illustrations I did in Illustrator before I switched exclusively to Photoshop. There are some elements here of the original file, but I redrew most of it.

Battle Of The Luchas Pencil Drawing


I was cleaning out an old hard drive and I came across this old pencil drawing of a glorious lucha libre battle. It was one of my first digital paintings and I was never happy on the finished painting so I am going to redo it.

The King In Crimson, pt IV


I finished this one but forgot to post it online. I painted him with a limited color palette while still maintaining the chaotic look that the rest of the robot paintings have. This guy has a mellow and non-threatening look to him, but he can’t be trusted, because he is a robot!